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What is British slang for wallet? - Man Purse Co

What is British slang for wallet?

Have you ever wondered how the British refer to their wallets? In the realm of British slang, the term "wallet" takes on a whole new level of creativity and charm. Join us on a linguistic adventure as we explore the various expressions used to describe this essential accessory in the United Kingdom.

What is a "Billfold"?

One of the most common terms for a wallet in British slang is "billfold." This elegant word evokes images of a gentleman discreetly unfolding his wallet to settle a bill at a posh London restaurant. Derived from the combination of "bill" and "fold," this term perfectly captures the sophisticated nature of British slang.

Unveiling the "Wonga Pouch"

For those seeking a more whimsical expression, look no further than the "wonga pouch." This playful term adds a touch of lightheartedness to the concept of a wallet. Imagine strolling through the streets of London, casually referring to your wallet as your trusty "wonga pouch."

Exploring the "Dosh Dispenser"

If you prefer a more utilitarian approach to British slang, the "dosh dispenser" might be the perfect term for you. This expression emphasizes the wallet's primary function of dispensing money when needed. It adds a practical yet stylish flair to the concept of carrying cash.

Unearthing the "Purse of Plenty"

For those who appreciate a touch of poetic elegance, the "purse of plenty" offers a delightful alternative. This phrase alludes to the wallet's ability to hold an abundance of wealth and possibilities. Carrying a "purse of plenty" elevates the act of managing finances to an art form.

Embracing the "Copper Carrier"

In a nod to the British currency, the "copper carrier" refers to a wallet that holds a collection of coins. This term celebrates the tradition of using copper coins in everyday transactions and adds a nostalgic touch to the act of carrying a wallet.


British slang has a way of infusing everyday objects with charm and character, and the wallet is no exception. From the sophisticated "billfold" to the whimsical "wonga pouch," each expression offers a unique glimpse into the British culture and language. So, the next time you find yourself in the United Kingdom, embrace the local slang and let your wallet become a conversation starter.

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