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What do Americans call a mans wallet? - Man Purse Co

What do Americans call a mans wallet?

Why is a man's wallet called a wallet?

Before diving into the American terminology for a man's wallet, let's explore the origin of the word "wallet" itself. Derived from the Old English word "wealh," meaning "foreigner" or "stranger," a wallet was originally a bag or a knapsack carried by travelers. Over time, it evolved into a small, flat case used to hold personal belongings, including money and important documents.

What is the common term for a man's wallet in America?

In the United States, a man's wallet is commonly referred to as a "billfold." This term originated from the practice of folding bills or banknotes and storing them in a compact wallet. The word "billfold" perfectly encapsulates the purpose and functionality of this essential accessory.

Are there any other terms used to describe a man's wallet in America?

While "billfold" is the most prevalent term, there are a few other colloquial expressions used across different regions of America. Some individuals may refer to a man's wallet as a "pocketbook," "pocket wallet," or simply a "wallet." However, "billfold" remains the most widely recognized and accepted term.

Why is it important to know the American terminology for a man's wallet?

Understanding the terminology used in different countries can be crucial, especially when traveling or interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Knowing that a man's wallet is commonly called a "billfold" in America can help avoid confusion and ensure effective communication.


In the realm of American English, a man's wallet is most commonly referred to as a "billfold." This term, rooted in the practice of folding bills, perfectly captures the essence of this essential accessory. While other terms like "pocketbook" or "pocket wallet" may be used in certain regions, "billfold" remains the dominant and widely recognized term. So, whether you're a foreigner or a native American, now you know what Americans call a man's wallet!

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